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YES. This is a Great Decision.


An Appointment many say is so Empowering that after seeing,

"Anything else seems Ordinary"


- You'll meet with John or Manny- Owners,

(never a sales rep) 

- You'll get tons of tips and "little known" insider secrets rarely shared.

- Best of all: This is for You only-Personalized

Tell us when you would like to meet

below, then get to know Manny and John


Due to the exclusivity and High Demand for the Fusion Hybrid-band some dates may not be available. 

expect a response within 24 hours




MEET Fusion DL co-Creator:



Your Wedding consultant

"Master" Music Programmer| Disc Jockey


Fusion "Bandleader"



Don't call him a DJ. Manny is the musical hub of the Fusion Hybrid group. Creating your custom designed soundtrack and then through his instincts and musicsl skills position songs,mixes and musicians at just the right moments for the most impactful dance sets you'll ever witness.


This exciting mu;ti-talented Wedding Expert humbly owns a treasure trove of experience spanning over 3 decades- that's over 2,000

weddings and Private events personally produced and performed by Manny himself!


It's safe to say this kind of experience is

not common among Wedding professionals


To meet with Manny will truly be an invaluable experience, as many have already discovered



Meet with Manny if you have questions or

need more clarity about the MC role, or specific song mixes and DJ questions






MEET Fusion DL co-Creator



Your Wedding consultant

Fusion Musical director




Musically Obsessed, Master Wedding

and event Specialist


At age 18 John shared the stage with rock n roll Legend Bo Diddley, "I experienced the Power of music in a big way , Being in that drumming seat and causing thousands to be entrained to the beat is a feeling beyond compare"


Johns vast wealth of musical knowledge

started at a very young age - playing dums at 12, and watching his parents

(Professional Ballroom dance team for

Arthur Murray's prestigious Studios)

teach the rhythms and dance to countless


In 1994 John was contacted by Madison Square Garden to be the first entertainment company to produce and perform at Private events at MSG


These "High Profile" events would add to

his event planning toolkit many "insider tricks, tips" that most will never know.

and now you will.


To meet with John will be a wise move for sure- but listen closely, and have a pen and pad handy because Wedding changing gems fly fast.



Meet with John if you are thinking of

having a Band, or have any questions

specific to Live Music

No stranger to DJ, JP's skillset includes

over 15 years of spinning vinyl. 



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