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On February 14th 2014

John and Manny founders of the wedding innovation "hybrid-band" Fusion DL

made a "shocking"decision

that may startle many and have a severe impact on the Wedding industry...

Here is that Announcement:


In alignment with our personal dedication to all our future Brides and grooms

we will no longer be offering disc Jockey services for Weddings to the general public.


After 31 years and thousands of weddings we have seen a steady decline

in the effect that recorded music by itself has had on the ability to

fill a dancefloor


Truth is... our Fusion DL (The fusion of digital and Live music) concept

is BOOMING. It is obvious to us after testing and proving the hybrid

concept for over 11 years that everybody is craving live music once again.


In fact-


with over 200 Wedding couples polled- 72% voted a fusion

while just 22% DJ and 17% band

(*DJ and band stats may be affected by budgetary factorinfluencer)


Live music was devasted in the early 80's when DJ hit the wedding scene

with radically lower pricing and the "never before seen" option of

the actual recording- something never possible pre 1980.


But now, after 30 years of DJ Domination- fact is... it's played out.

Guests attitudes are "been there, seen it" and desiring something new and fresh! 


The big question is... will you give it to them?


We believe that now you can


It is and has always been our dedication to YOU the Wedding couple

to bring you the absolute Best alternative to satisfy our one goal for you-


To Join your families and closest friends by creating 

A Packed dance floor of Happy people


As wedding veterans of over 30 years it is our professional opinion

backed by proven that now a 3rd alternative, new choice, smart , fresh

and exciting


Judging by the response of hundreds of Wedding couples on the

largest and most prestigious Wedding Website and authority-The Knot


Fusion DL hybrid-band was selected in the "Best of Weddings" for 

4 years in a row and in September of 2014 will be inducted into

the Knot's HALL OF FAME







WOW! What a statement. Actually this was in the Band category-

A first in Wedding entertaiment history.(There isn't even a hybrid



Were you aware of this Evolution in Wedding Entertainment happening

right now?


We hope you join us in the evolution so you can experience the excitement

and fresh 


















                                Love and Happiness



                          John Payne                                Manny Carnaxide

                     co-founder Fusion DL                co-founder Fusion DL



P.S. Make a statement join us in supporting Live music.

P.P.S. READ THIS for more on DJ and Band












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